Environmental awareness - Synergy - Honesty

We love different beary environmental awareness and look forward to the still
very intact region and the town Kressbronn. This is close to our hearts! There
fore, we use biological detergent, as far as possible.

The hotel laundry is washed by the laundry Weber in Friedrichshafen and
environmental hygiene.

We are a member of the Synergy Network Energiekapagne hospitality industry
to develop new and good solutions for energy savings and benefits for the

Honesty is very important for the preservation of natural habitat is the true
regional food shopping - we prescribe the altogether. In addition, much healthier
and you can taste's ... Regionality and quality together. - We are especially - in 
the hotel, restaurant and landlord.

For you, whether for business, mechanics, cyclists, no families, couples, senior
citizens, motorcycle enthusiasts, sailors, hikers - we like to specifically address
you, because every guest is special.

Traditions are important and beautiful - we are already in the 3rd generation in
Peterhof - the Teddybearhotel, Restaurant Peterhof and the Teddy shop.

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