beary great: Economy, Bear lounge, Green and old parlor,
Garden with all the charm and love

Food: Cooking passion with fun and flavor  

Drinking: vivid restaurant with even real "Viertele"

Food Watch: honest and healthy food handling - We fight with are firth
and Fathers Member  

Shopping: the generator location - within max.35 km regional directly.
Attention to animal-friendly and environmentally sound Generation - no gene- manipulated foods.

PUR pleasure - let it be beary good taste.

Event: good food + beautiful rooms = great celebration


Our open citchen-times:
Lunch from 11.30 am to 14.00 pm - dinner from 17.30 pm to 22.00 pm

Quiescent day:
Tuesdays is sluggard day - the restaurant is closed

no smoking
it´s a non smoking restaurant

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