Model Ship Museum in Kressbronn
Unique Handcrafted Art by Ivan Trtanj ship,which
in the 18th Century reality, today in the 20th and
in the 21 Century is again reproduced in a small
format. These are the types of vessels in the form
of state boats and yachts State. These types of
ships were then built by the shipyard's very
complicated and sculptors decorated artistically. 

Hops Museum Tettnang
From the growing hops to the beer museum.
In three historic buildings, a modern take on
hop-growing business-a lovingly designed

Lake Dwellings Uhldingen
Experience the old piles Uhldingen on a guided
journey past the Stone and Bronze Age at Lake
Constance. Immerse yourself into the mysterious
world of farmers, fishermen and bronze casting
of the Stone Age 6,000 years ago, and the Bronze
Age 3,000 years ago. Survey on boardwalks to the
original set up houses in which you of scientific
presentations, and everyday equipment made based reconstructions can.

Farmhouse museum Wolfegg
Immerse yourself in the history of Upper Swabia
and the Allgäu West! In the footsteps of farmers,
maids, servants and village artisans to learn the
value of knowledge and wonder about typical
regional farms and people who have lived and
worked in it.

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
The world's largest exhibition on the
history of airship construction.

The Zeppelin Zeppelin Hangar
in Friedrichshafen world. Shipyard Tour, flights ...

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