For the region - for the pleasure!

The origins of the food is an important quality factor. Especially in this day and age.

Beers ...
by Ravensburger Max Leibinger brewery - which brews its beer with the Tettnang hops -
regional and home-based as it gets.

sparkling mineral water, soft drinks
local alcoholic free specials come exclusively from the region. By not using replaceable,
national product, we support the diverse and innovative local beverage producers and
are able to offer original products - from Siebers source from the.

regional wines
We offer regional wines to you exclusively at Baden-Wuerttemberg wines, because
they are usually better than the fine-sounding "foreign wines." ... of the winery and
the vineyard Günthör and Steinhauser.

Sparkling wines, ciders, sparkling wines, liqueurs, brandies, spirits ...
from the innovative winery Steinhauser from Kressbronn.

Apple juice, eggs, apples
... from Bernard's Farm Shop, Kressbronn.

Roll, soul, grain pretzels, bread, bread, ...
... the bakery Berkmüller from Kresbronn.

Bio - vegetables, salads, potatoes ...
from the organic farm Mayer Meckenbeueren - only fresh one

... Boots of juices from Ravensburg - taste it - spit-criteria.

Milk, cheese
... of various small dealers from here and from the Allgäu - headland criteria.

Meat and sausages from beef, pork, goose and turkey,
the meat is demonstrably in the region - Cape Supplier vouch for the
quality of the region and this one tastes.

... from various beekeepers to Kressbronn.

Spelled, sunflower seeds, flour
... of various small dealers and mills here and in the Allgäu - headland criteria.

Lake whitefish
... the fishing master Rau - freshly caught from the Lake - from Kressbronn.

other fish specialties
.. of fish from aspiring to Friedrichshafen.

... by Alexander Welte specialists - from the region

Gas and electricity
... from local suppliers Regional Bodensee.

we prefer local artisans - we are Kressbronner

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