the beary Team

We cry, laugh - - the beary team, the Bears team
is a great family quarrel and get on well again!

Thus, for great work.

For the trainees the family atmosphere is very important,
but which is also associated with duties. 

Peter A.Marschall
regional fanatics and bear lovers is at the front desk , office, service , the breakfast service and everywhere


Claudia Marschall
great cook and beary makers

our daughters Amelie (left) and Melanie (right )

Monika Marschall
property the soul is - and everywhere...
in the service.

Peter Marschall senior
supplements with experience of many years

Daniel Reichle
Elan with our young chef is. Privately, he also likes to bike ...
Married to Agna.

Agna Reichle

Fairy in the room - private, she bakes a lot and well ...
Married to Daniel.

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